What’s for dinner?

Take two minutes out of your day to learn something new and be inspired to answer the most important question you face every day, “What’s for dinner?”!

Listen to Chef Sandra Lewis’ “A Savory Moment” for kitchen tips and tricks, fun stories, interesting food facts, and recipes.

Fill up here to fuel your journey as you engage in the most important activity in life – cooking, and more importantly, sharing the table with family and friends.

Research shows that people who cook and spend time at the table are healthier and happier at home and work.

Cook for health.  Share the table for community.

Fresh, Healthy Fruit and Yogurt Salad

Fresh, Healthy Fruit and Yogurt Salad

It’s time for a fruit salad revolution! Try this Fruit and Yogurt Salad that takes advantage of in-season fruit and packs a protein punch with Greek yogurt.

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