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Sandra Lewis

 Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis is an entertaining and deliciously inspiring chef, speaker, radio show and podcast host, classically-trained in French cuisine, with a background in Human Resources Development.

She is passionate about encouraging investment in the one activity that feeds the core of health and happiness, cooking and spending time at the table. The holistic refreshment experienced at the table builds community and prepares people to bring their best, healthy selves to work.

Sandra shares her thought-provoking content with an upbeat vibe.  Audiences love her quick-witted style and are forever changed by her timely and relevant message.

It’s double the fun when Sandra includes a cooking demo to illustrate her message.  Whatever resonates with your group is the best choice. She’ll happily work with your organization to customize any of her speeches for maximum impact on your listeners.

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Entertaining and Deliciously Inspiring!



Change Your Life: COOK!

On most days life moves at ludicrous speed.

It can seem like chaos.

Up, often before sunrise.  Collapse into bed long after dark.

And we rely on quick fixes for meals:

  • 20% of our meals are eaten in our cars.
  • On average, Americans eat three hamburgers per week; 50 billion per year.
  • Americans eat an average of 30 pounds of French fries each year.
  • Average American family wastes $1,600 of produce annually.

Life can seem fairly tasteless.

How do we manage living and working to be as productive as we can be and live a satisfied life?

It begins with a return to simplicity in a form so simple, it’s simply overlooked – cooking and creating community by living life at the table.

Format:  45-60 Minute Keynote

Learn the inside secrets to restoring the simplicity, the seasoning, and the sizzle of sharing life at the table, at home and at work.

OPTIONAL:  Cooking demo


  • Learn why cooking is a game changer in health and life.
  • Learn how community at the home table translates to productivity and success at work.
  • Learn the FAB 5 cooking skills that will change your life in the kitchen.

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner At Home

Today the United States is in a cultural health and well-being crisis.

America, we have a problem.

Just like the Apollo 13 astronauts and amateur astronomers could see oxygen, precious life-giving gas, pouring forth from the capsule following an explosion there is real-time proof of this crisis.

Since 1970:

  • Caloric intake has increased 24.5%
  • Obesity rates have doubled
  • Depression and suicide rates have skyrocketed
  • Life expectancy has decreased for the second time in two years

These issues take a HUGE bite out of your bottom line in absenteeism, lost productivity, and spiraling health care and health insurance costs.

What can you do?

Lead them to LIFE and close the skills gap on the most important question your workforce answers every day, “What’s for dinner?”.

Format:  45-60 Minute Keynote

Learn the secret sauce for creating cultures of performance and profit.  This secret sauce is versatile and can be used to create healthy cultures where ever humanity gathers.

OPTIONAL:  Cooking demo


  • Learn how answering the most important question of the day is vital to your organization’s bottom line.
  • How to satisfy worker cravings that don’t require a fatter paycheck or a promotion.
  • Learn the LIFE principle – the four part universal recipe that is the secret sauce to creating cultures of performance and profit.

Your Life: Reimagine. Reinvent. Realign.

“The Who” is considered to be one of the three most important British rock acts next to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.  In 1978 they released a record called “Who Are You.”  Shortly thereafter, and tragically, their drummer, Keith Moon, passed away from alcoholism at 32.

“Who are you?” or, “Who am I?” is a universal question.  At some point in our lives we all ask it.

Yet, most of us don’t have an answer.

Hear the 6-word story that has characterized Chef Sandra’s life and work, and has fueled her passion for Life At The Table.

You’ll be inspired to answer this question and create your own 6-word story.

Format:  45-60 Minute Keynote

Learn what it takes to live a life of passion, the skills to get you there, and how to fuel it everyday:  Reimagine.  Reinvent.  Realign.

OPTIONAL:  Cooking demo


  • Learn what a life of passion looks like.
  • Learn the 3 skills needed for change:  Reimagine.  Reinvent.  Realign.
  • Fuel your passion with your own 6-word story.

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