Meet Sandra Lewis

Sandra is an entertaining and inspiring speaker and chef, classically-trained in French cuisine, with a background in Human Resources Development.

She is passionate about encouraging investment in the one activity that feeds the core of who we are at home and at work, spending time at the table. The holistic refreshment experienced at the table builds community and prepares people to bring their best, healthy selves to work.

Sandra shares her thought-provoking content with an upbeat vibe.  Audiences love her quick-witted style and are forever changed by her timely and relevant message.

It’s double the fun when Sandra includes a cooking demo or a cheese tasting to illustrate her message.  Whatever resonates with your group is the best choice.

She’ll happily work with your organization to customize any of her speeches for maximum impact on your listeners.

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Entertaining and Deliciously Inspiring!


Partial List of Clients


Cook Up Results: Lessons From the Kitchen For the Corporation

Your workforce is like a well-stocked pantry with the recipe for success at your fingertips.  Learn how to cook up results like a professional chef who knows that a spectacular dish always begins with the quality of the ingredients.

Format:  45-60 Minute Keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • Teams who need to gel.
  • Organizations looking to create a sense of teamwork and belonging.
  • Senior management looking for the recipe to create cultures of collaboration and creativity.
  • Organizations and teams who are struggling with employee engagement.


  • Identify the three things we crave at work (not including snacks in the break room or free lunches!).
  • How to satisfy those cravings that don’t require a fatter paycheck or a promotion.
  • Learn LIFE – the four-part universal leadership recipe that will make everyone in the organization a leader, at work and at home.

Change Your Life: COOK

What’s for dinner?  Yes, this is the most important question you face every day.  How you choose to answer this question has a profound impact on every area of your life, at home and at work.  Learn how to answer this question so that you nourish not only the body well, but also the spirit and soul.

Hungry For More Out of Life and Work?: The Flavor of Living

Typically we think of work and life as two different sides of ourselves.  And, like oil and water they don’t mix.  But what if you learned that the satisfaction you seek in life and work has a single source?  You’d think differently about work, getting work done, and the satisfaction you feel in life.

In this speech, Sandra shares her 6-word story that has characterized her life and work, and that has fueled her passion for Life At The Table.

Format:  45-60 Minute Keynote

This program is perfect for:

  • Anyone who needs an inspiration shot in the arm!
  • Desires to live a life of passion, but doesn’t know how to fuel it.
  • Opening keynote to set the tone of “we can do this!”
  • Closing keynote to end on a high note!


  • Inspiration to craft their own six-word story.
  • Determination to “taste the flavor” of each day.
  • Understanding that work/life balance isn’t the way to live a satisfied life – it’s loving what you do!
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