Chef Sandra Lewis


Founder and Owner of Life At The Table

Founder and owner of Life At The Table, Chef speaker Sandra Lewis, classically trained in the French cooking methods, graduated from culinary school following a successful corporate career of 20+ years.

Having dreamed of attending culinary school for several years, in 2009 she faced a “now or never” moment.  

Choosing the now she sold her house, put everything in storage, and pursued her dream.

Today she leads a team of talented chefs in creating and delivering delicious and imaginative culinary team building events and cooking classes.


Philosophy and Mission

Chef Sandra combines her corporate experience with her culinary expertise to lead, inspire, feed, and encourage organizations and individuals in the cultivation of community and well-being though the power of a shared meal.

Her experience as a single mom throughout most of her career taught her the value of cooking and gathering nightly around the table with family and friends.

The kitchen is the gateway to a healthy, happy, productive workforce, family, and communities.

She is host of a twice weekly podcast and radio show, “A Savory Moment” and an Adjunct Culinary Instructor at The Art Institutes of Dallas.



Chef Sandra earned her BS in Mass Communications, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Utah, and an AAS with honors in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu Dallas.


Chef Sandra Lewis Keynote Speaker

Chef Sandra is a keynote speaker who believes that life transformation begins by feeding body, soul, and spirit at the table. She uses the canvas of food and cooking to teach valuable life lessons.

See a list of Chef Sandra’s speaking topics here.

Chef Sandra Lewis in a chef jacket. Life At The Table
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