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Chef Sandra Lewis in her chef jacket Life At The Table

Meet Chef Sandra Lewis

Before enrolling in culinary school, Chef Sandra Lewis raised two daughters as a single working mom with a corporate job. Most evenings she cooked and spent time at the table with her kids. Life at the table was the rhythm of life.

When her daughters entered college, she sold her house, put everything in storage and followed her passion – cooking.

Today, she combines her work experience with her culinary training to share the tips, tricks, and strategies for feeding body, soul, and spirit. And it begins with making short, yet tasty work in the home kitchen that is the gateway to where life and work meet true satisfaction – life at the table.

Looking for a deliciously entertaining and inspiring speaker on cooking, work-life balance, or living your passion? Learn more here.

Meet the team of Life At The Table chefs plus learn more about our history and mission.


The Latest From “A Savory Moment”

Chef Sandra’s Podcast and Recipe Blog

Crawfish Dip

    You may know them as crawfish, crayfish, or crawdads. My question to you is how can you easily enjoy these mysterious and tasty, fresh-water crustaceans? My answer, crawfish dip. If you don’t know this, small yet tasty acquatic species, yet, it’s time to...

Chocolate Fondue

Enjoy this simple chocolate fondue as a centerpiece for a game night or a sweet ending to a communal meal with friends and family.

Kale Salad With a Creamy Yogurt and Lemon Dressing

A Refreshing Twist on Kale Salad: Creamy Yogurt and Lemon Dressing   Kale, the quintessential superfood, has been a staple in health-conscious kitchens for years. But let’s face it, kale can be a bit... well, kale-ish. Kale often gets a bad rap for its bitter...

Cajun Sauce

Ladle this easy and delicious Cajun sauce over anything and get prepared for your tastebuds to do the happy dance!

Crepes with Mascarpone, Honey, and Orange

Make these dreamy crepes with mascarpone, honey, and orange, a tasty reality with this simple and delicious recipe.

Béarnaise Sauce

By mastering a few simple techniques you can easily add a Béarnaise sauce to your weeknight meals to lather over vegetables or a steak.

Steak Au Poivre With Brandy Cream Sauce

Steak au Poivre is a delicious pepper-coated steak that is elegant and comes together in a snap. Serve it with a brandy cream sauce.

Turkey Soup with Kale, Potatoes, and Wild Rice

Unleash the comfort of a delicious bowl of soup anytime you have leftover turkey (or chicken) with this easy and delicious turkey soup.

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