Chef and Speaker Sandra Lewis shares THE recipe for living a healthy and satisfied life.

Do you spend your life hungry for more?  More success?  More achievement?  More satisfaction? 

 What you truly crave is the most basic of human experiences - spending time at the table where you feed your body well, plus your soul and spirit with strong and lasting social connections.  

Sharing in this simple, ritualistic act at home as often as possible will transform your life AND work (and your workplace!) in a profound way.  

Because cooking accompanied by conversation at home means a healthier and happier you at home and at work.

And when you take that happy self to work along with your best "table manners" - seeing people as more than a cog in the wheel of work and an inner drive that springs from being "full"  - you produce your best work.

Build an organization with a strong sense of community, collaboration, and where creativity abounds!

Your workplace needs a strong dose of employees who live and work by the principles of Life At The Table.  

Ready for a transformative life and/or organizational experience?  Get the recipe!

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Why Chef and Speaker Sandra Lewis?

  • Unique background as a classically-trained French chef with a 20+ year career in Human Resources Development and technology sales (before she went to culinary school!).  
  • Knows first-hand what research proves - the simple act of cooking and sharing a meals at home can transform lives and organizations.
  • Shares her recipe for living a meaningful life at home and work that satisfies more than a fatter paycheck ever would.  (Add a cooking demo, hands-on cooking class, culinary team building, or a cheese tasting to engage all the senses!)
  • Supercharge your health and wellness initiative with Life At The Table's "Dishing Up Results" program.
  • Learn to feed the body, soul, and spirit in Life At The Table's "Kitchen Academy" - 8-hour culinary skills training program for the home cook.
  • For teams or individuals who need to reinvent, realign, or reimagine their work or lives she shares her own personal story of transformation.

Sandra was captivating and with a message all business partners could relate to!

Melissa F.

Senior Human Resources Leader

After Sandra’s presentation, my group wanted “more,” just like you want to refill your plate after a great meal!”

Frank M.


Sandra is a dynamic, charismatic speaker.  She is completely engaging, comfortable, and her message is relevant.

John R.

Senior Human Resources Consultant

Life At The Table is a culture of living and working that embraces conversation, collaboration, and community.

It's digging deep with people.

Whether it’s walking through life with family and friends, or accomplishing something great at work.

It's living a life of creation.

With work that makes the most of your gifts and talents.

It's living and working with the same sense of satisfaction you get when you share a great meal and a conversation.

Hungry for more out of life?

Ready to transform your workplace?

Together we’ll cook up something great!

Life At The Table is a way of living and working that embraces conversation, collaboration, and a sense of community as the keys to satisfaction in life.

Hungry for more out of life?

Do you have an appetite to transform your workplace?

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Transforming lives and organizations by helping people answer the most important question they face every day, “What’s for dinner?”.