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Live, Virtual Group Cooking Classes and Culinary Team Building

We ship ingredients for fun and delicious live, virtual cooking experiences perfect for teams, and sales and marketing events.

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Build your skill. Learn a new recipe. Interact with the chef. Register for a public class or schedule a private class for your family and friends.

“What’s For Dinner?” eLearning

Master the FABULOUS 5 Cooking Skills that will change your life in the kitchen on a weeknight.

Our mission is to help people answer the most important question of the day – “What’s for dinner?” – in several delicious ways.


Live, Virtual Cooking Classes

Live, Virtual Cooking Experiences (we ship ingredients!)

Live, Virtual Culinary Team Building


Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis

A Savory Moment Podcast

Let’s chat about what you’re looking for.

Before she went to culinary school, Chef Speaker Sandra Lewis raised two daughters as a single working mom. Most evenings she cooked and spent time at the table with her kids. Life at the table was the rhythm of life.

When her daughters entered college, she sold her house, put everything in storage and enrolled in culinary school.

Today, she combines her work experience with her culinary training to share the tips, tricks, and strategies for feeding body, soul, and spirit. And it begins with making short, yet tasty work in the home kitchen.

Looking for a deliciously entertaining and inspiring speaker on cooking, creating community, or living your passion?

Meet Chef Speaker Sandra.

Read more about Chef Sandra’s background plus the history and mission of Life At The Table.


Chef Sandra Lewis

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A Savory Moment

Chef Sandra’s Podcast and Radio Show


Recipes, Cooking Tips, and Tricks


And most importantly, how to make living life at the table with your family and friends a weeknight reality.