“What’s For Dinner?”


Learn how to answer the most important question of every day – 

“What’s for dinner?”

“What’s For Dinner?”

Learn how to cook with eLearning

Never again wonder what’s for dinner or suffer the 5 o’clock-dinner-time-panic. 


Never again feel like the kitchen is for professionals only. Unchain from the tyranny of using a recipe to cook and cook with confidence. Own your kitchen, own your skills, own your meals.


Cooking is the ultimate have it your way experience. Prepare fresh, tastebud tingling, and satisfying meals every night of the week that are easy on the pocketbook and the timebank.


Bring life back to your home by cooking and sharing meals at the table with family and friends. If you’re single, breathe life back into your own soul by stopping, feeding yourself, and reflecting on the day.

Learn The FABULOUS 5 Cooking Skills

That Will Transform Your Life in the Kitchen on a Weeknight

Good things come in fives.

Five fingers. Five senses. Five elements of the universe.

In the kitchen, all you need are 5, count ’em F-I-V-E cooking skills to answer the most important question of the day, “What’s for dinner?”.

Prefer Live, Virtual Training?

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And There’s More

Along with the FABULOUS 5 Cooking Skills, you’ll learn these skills:

Preparing to Cook

Top 10 Kitchen Tools

Top 10 Pantry Essentials

Top 3 Grocery Shopping Tips (for those who love to shop and those who don’t)

Mise En Place Like a Professional

And more!


Making Your Tastebuds Dance

How to Make Flavor King

How to Elevate Your Cooking Game with Proper Seasoning

How to Cook With and Store Fresh Herbs

And more!


Making Living Life at the Table A Reality in Your Home

How to Reclaim Your Kitchen and Your Dining Table

How to Quench Your Soul Hunger with Conversation

“Bring it to the Table” conversation starters

And more!


The eLearning Goods

AKA “Everything That’s Included”

Home Chef Certificate

Earn a certified “Home Cook” Certificate upon completion. This honor means you are FEARLESS, BOLD, and not afraid to be YOURSELF in the kitchen. Invite your family and friends over to share the table and demonstrate your skill.


Every journey requires a Guidebook. Download our detailed guidebook with each lesson, make notes, and use it as a reference in the kitchen. We expect it to be well-worn, dog-eared, and food splattered.


Yes, recipes are included. While our goal is to FREE you from dependence on recipes, the best way to learn cooking technique is with a recipe. Once you understand the technique behind the recipe you’ll be FREE to take flight.

The Secret Sauce

Cooking TECHNIQUE is the secret sauce. Once you learn the technique you’ll never again see the act of cooking as a chore. With a pantry stocked with basics, you’ll always be able to answer the most important question you ask every day, “What’s for dinner?”

Your Own Space Your Own Pace

Learn in the comfort of your own home. Practice in your own kitchen and at a time that’s convenient for you.

Learn From Someone Who’s Been There, Done That

Before she went to culinary school, Chef Sandra Lewis raised two daughters as a single working mom. She cooked most evenings. When her daughters entered college, she sold her house, put everything in storage, and enrolled in culinary school.

When you enroll in this course, you’ll gain the knowledge and experience from someone who’s worked in corporate America while raising children putting dinner on the table every evening, and has had the benefit of professional culinary training.

It’s practical but not burdensome. And it’s focused on making short work in the kitchen so you can spend more time on what’s really important, life at the table.

Oh, and you’ll have lots of tasty fun while you’re at it.

Learn more about Chef Sandra.

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Chef Sandra's Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables for Weeknight Cooking

Top 10 Fruits and Vegetables for Weeknight Cooking

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