Daniel Maher’s goal was to learn to cook breakfast. As for anything culinary, he knew where the kitchen was. And that’s where his skill ended. He knew he needed to up his game in the kitchen if he was going to deliver the “B” in B&B. So, before he and his partner opened Lucille’s Bed and Breakfast, the first Bed & Breakfast in Garland, TX, Daniel turned to Chef Sandra Lewis of Life At The Table to help him build his cooking expertise and confidence in the kitchen. Why? Because skill and confidence are the keys to success in the kitchen!


Learning To Cook Breakfast From Scratch – Keys to Success in the Kitchen

“Chef Sandra understood my challenge and developed a plan to build my cooking skills,” Daniel shares.

The plan and the skills were built solely around breakfast.

Over a series of customized sessions, Daniel learned how to cook a traditional breakfast beginning with eggs, fried, scrambled, poached, and formed into a beautiful omelet. This was followed by bacon, sausage, and ham, and then finishing with pancakes and French toast.


Practical, Focused Sessions Built on Technique

“I learned smart ways to do things in the kitchen from Chef Sandra,” he says. “Her sessions were practical, focused on skill, and built on technique.”

Another insight Daniel gained was that organization and preparation is key to success in the kitchen.

His confidence grew with each successful session, “Along with the the foundational skills, she gave me the confidence that I could really succeed in the kitchen.”

“As a former educator, I respect good teaching,” Daniel says. “Chef Sandra gave explicit detail when needed and made sure the technique was understood.”


Skills and Confidence are Keys to Success in the Kitchen

Building on a solid foundation, Daniel has expanded his cooking repertoire.

“I have learned to stretch out beyond the basics that Chef Sandra so well prepared me for: It was a confidence-building experience for a very late bloomer!”

His guests and family now enjoy signature treats and baked goods made with coconut including granola, macaroons, and banana nut muffins.

And he’s cooking more than ever for his personal gatherings around the table.

“I am not at all afraid to change up the recipes and, if it happens, screw up!” he says. “I am a learn-by-failure guy though I prefer to do that in advance of any mornings where I am the official cook!”

Chef Sandra smiles when she hears this, “Learning to cook is transformational on so many levels.”

“Daniel is the perfect example of how learning just a handful of foundational cooking skills can transform someone’s life and career.” she says.  “We need more Daniels in the world!”


Who is Life At The Table?

Life At The Table, Inc., inspires people to live healthy, happy, and productive lives by answering the most important question they ask everyday, “What’s for dinner?”.  Led by Chef Sandra Lewis, who is a keynote speaker and podcast host, Life At The Table workplace health and well-being solutions, hands-on cooking classes, and leads culinary team building experiences.

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