Top 10 Vegetables and Fruits For Weeknight Cooking

Putting dinner on the table during the week means being prepared.


Have a handful of vegetables and fruits on hand that can be used in a variety of ways.


ONION | An aromatic and an important ingredient for many dishes.

CARROT | One of the most versatile vegetables in the kitchen; adds color, flavor, and texture.  Can be steamed, sautéed, grilled, roasted and stewed.

CELERY | Often used with onion and carrot, and called mirepoix; used as a foundation for soups, stews, and sauces; delightful chopped and added to a salad.

BELL PEPPER | Wonderful sautéed or raw.  Together with onion and celery is called the “Trinity” in Cajun/Creole cooking.

GARLIC | A must-have for adding amazing flavor; together with onion, celery, and bell pepper becomes “The Holy Trinity”.

GREENS | The option for a quick salad or a sautéed side dish is a must; think spinach, spring mix, arugula.

TOMATO | Nothing beats a good tomato sauce a fresh tomato in season simply sliced.

POTATO | The most versatile vegetable in your pantry; rekindle your love affair with the potato.

GREEN PEAS (FROZEN) | Always a nice choice to drop in a soup, sauce, or on a fresh salad.  Defrost only what you need.

LEMON | A drizzle of olive oil and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice is all you need for a quick salad; a squeeze of fresh lemon juice will brighten any dish.


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Never again wonder what's for dinner.

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