Both crooners, Tony Bennett and Dean Martin sang “Just In Time” a hot tune that filled the airwaves in the late 50s and early 60s. With a song on our lips, a rumble in our tummies and with the workday behind us, we ask ourselves, “what’s for dinner?” For most, too often the answer is eat out, take out, or drive through. Let’s talk about “just in time cooking.”


What do you have on hand?

The better answer is this:  It’s called “just in time cooking”.

It’s the perfect answer to the weeknight preparation of a homecooked meal that doesn’t cost hours of time on the weekend or in the evenings with meal prep.

It means being fearless that with a well-stocked pantry, freezer, and fridge you can create a meal that is simple, yet makes your tastebuds dance.


Similar to Manufacturing Concepts and Processes

If you’ve ever worked for a manufacturing business, you know all about inventory control and “JIT” or “just in time manufacturing.”

Smart manufacturers use the inventory they have on hand to make the products just when the customer orders it. They don’t overstock or understock on what’s needed.

This methodology is aimed at reducing production time, keeping inventory costs low, and conserving labor.

Just in time cooking relies on the same concepts.

It is a recipe for dinnertime success.


Do a Little Planning

Make sure you have a few basics in your pantry and refrigerator as a start.  Salt, spices, oils, garlic, eggs, tomatoes, cheese, rice and beans,

A chicken breast, a few carrots and a potato, along with your basics in the pantry, can yield a tasty and healthy meal in a matter of minutes.

There are amazing ideas for weeknight meals right in front of you once you understand your “inventory.”

Apply your cooking skill, and voila!

Just in time dinner!


A Recipe for Dinner Time Success

Almost all of the recipes featured on  A Savory Moment can be prepared with items in a well-stocked pantry and kitchen.

And most take 30 minutes to an hour from start to steaming plate.


Think of the Interesting Dinner Conversation You’ll Have!

So, consider bringing smart manufacturing skills to the table.

Think of the conversation you can have over that meal and around your table with family and friends!


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