Sandwich Making Tips

Sandwich making tips.

The sandwich is an easy meal for a life that’s lived on the run.

And run we do!

On any given day, one-half of Americans will consume a sandwich.  Nearly half are eaten at lunch and one-third at dinner.  The rest are consumed at breakfast or as a snack.


History of The Sandwich:  The Fast Life

In fact, historians tell us that the fast life gave birth to the sandwich in Britain in 1762.  John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich, spent hours playing cards.  Not willing to step away from the gambling table for a meal, he ordered his cook to bring him something that he could eat without stopping:  This was two pieces of bread with meat stuffed inside.

And the sandwich was born.

The sandwich is simple, but as James Beard said, “Too few people really understand a good sandwich.”


Sandwich Making Tips To Make Your Tastebuds Dance

When you need an evening meal free from fuss, give the homemade sandwich a try.  Elevate your sandwich making art with these three tips:

  1.  Bread.  Up your sandwich game with your choice of bread.  Like focaccia, sourdough, whole-grain, challah, or use a crusty baguette.  Another option is a wrap, like sprouted grain or spinach.
  2. Spread.  Think beyond just mayonnaise and mustard.  Spice up your spread with fun flavor combinations to complement the bread and the fillings.  Don’t miss my recipe for a Smoked Paprika Cream Cheese Spread.
  3. Filings.  Step away from the processed lunch meat.  Roast your own chicken or turkey breast.  Or repurpose that leftover roast.  Throw on the veggies and a slice of cheese.  Or ditch the meat and make it an all veggie sandwich.

Now, with these three tips you’ve got yourself a show-stopping sandwich fit for royalty.

White plate with a sage colored napkin lying the center tied twine and adorned with a single sage leaf. The plate is sitting on a wooden table with a fork, a glass, and a white bowl.

Never again wonder what's for dinner.

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