Make a Place for Pears at Your Table


December is National Pear Month, but here’s the good news: This delicious fruit is available year round in the grocery store and it’s time to make a place for them at your table today.


Don’t Walk By! Pears are Worth a Second Look


Don’t miss out on this versatile fruit that’s bursting with versatility, flavor, and health benefits.

Stop at the pear aisle on your next visit to the grocery store.

You’ll find a beautiful assortment of colors, sizes, and tastes.

Some are crunchy and less sweet, like the Bosc, and some are juicy and more sweet with that distinctive pear flavor, like the green or red Bartlett.

There are 10 primary varieties grown nationwide and more than 3,000 cultivated worldwide.

Taste testing this assortment of varieties in recipes and as a snack will keep you busy for a while.


Do the Pear “Neck Test” to Test for Ripeness


Pears are unique in the fruit world in that they ripen after they’re harvested. This means you can enjoy your pear at peak flavor but you’ll need to allow them to ripen after you get them home.

It’s pretty simple.

All they need is some exposure to room temperature for a day or so.

Test them for ripeness with a “neck test”.

Give the neck of the pear a little squeeze. If it gives, it’s ready to eat.

Don’t wait for your pear to be soft in the middle, by that time it will be over ripe and very likely too mushy for proper enjoyment.

Speed up the ripening process by placing these fruit gems in a brown paper bag or slow the process by storing them in your refrigerator.


Pears Shine in the Kitchen and at the Table


Why is this extra care so worthwhile?

Once they have reached peak ripeness, their flavor, unique texture, and versatility really shine.

Firmer varieties are fantastic choices like the Bosc for sautéing, baking, and grilling. They hold up well to cooking and aren’t easily overpowered by other flavors in a dish, plus they add a wealth of fiber and nutritional value to your meals.

Need some recipe inspiration. Try Pan-Roasted Pears with Honey Caramel Sauce.

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