How To Know When Grilled Meat Is Done


How to know when grilled meat is done.

It’s grilling season!

Your anticipation is high for that first bite of a juicy burger or steak.

How do you know when grilled meat is done?

Some of the tastiest fare on the planet is served up using the oldest and most primitive cooking technique known to man:  Fire and smoke.

Now, how do you know when grilled meat is done?


Number 1 Tip For Grilling Success:  Don’t Poke, Press, or Cut The Meat!

Here’s a tip to ensure that you’re next grilling experience chalks one up for the memory books.  And it’s my Number 1 tip for success:  Don’t poke, press, or cut the meat to determine if it’s cooked to your liking.  All of those tasty juices holed up in side will be lost to the fire.


How To Know When Grilled Meat Is Done:  Use The Hand Test!

Use the hand test instead.

As meat cooks, proteins are denatured.  This means the protein coils begin to unwind and tighten.  You can replicate the feel of meat at its different stages of doneness by using your thumb and fingers.

Here’s how:  Make a circle with your index finger and thumb.

Then press on the palm-side of your thumb about an inch above where it meets your wrist.

This is what “rare” feels like.

Now feel the changes in the muscle as you touch your thumb with your remaining fingers.

Touch your middle finger for medium-rare; your ring finger for medium; your little finger for well-done.

Now your set to grill up a meal fit for a king!

Enjoy this grilling season and conversation around the table!

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