Whether it’s the sip of wine, the whiff of a favorite dish, or the laughter of a cherished relative, we all retain special memories of times together in the kitchen and at the table. Let’s look at some of the ways that no experience in life equals cooking and the satisfaction of engaging all your senses in that special experience.

Remembering The Aroma Of Dinner

I still remember the aroma of my mom frying steak for the evening meal. And of walking into our home on a blazing hot Texas afternoon as she was frying yellow squash just picked from the garden that my dad tended out back.

You may have similar experiences and memories that are triggered by aroma.

It’s no surprise, the same part of the brain that retains memory, processes aroma.

The Eyes Have It

You’ve heard that expression, “your eyes were being bigger than your stomach”.

That’s because next to aroma, we are drawn to a meal just by seeing it.

Who hasn’t gotten hungry by just looking at a picture of big, juicy hamburger, or delicious slice of pizza?

This is why chefs work so hard on presentation.  

Listen Carefully

What about sound? We are engaged with sounds, whether we are aware of it or not.

Hollywood films employ whole teams of people devoted to nothing but adding sound effects, large and small.

The hustle and bustle of activity in the kitchen draw us into the cooking and dining experience.

It’s everything from the snap of a fresh carrot, the sizzle of a steak, and even the clink of the silverware, the pouring of water, the sound of chair being pulled across the floor.

Sorting Out the Taste

Of course, the proof is in the eating—and tasting.

What other activity can you engage in to create something and then enjoy the pleasure of eating it!

Not painting, sculpting, reading, making music, or playing sports.

Only cooking!

Connecting With Touch

And finally, touch.

Many cultures don’t use utensils when they eat.

I’m not advocating that you eat with your fingers.

As you cook, don’t be afraid to touch your food and be mindful of the different textures you sense.

It’s just one more way to connect yourself with the activity of cooking.

The next time you’re in the kitchen, make note of all the ways in which you engage your senses and the satisfaction it brings. Because, it is an amazing experience – cooking and the satisfaction of engaging all your senses as you prepare a meal to share together!

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