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Busting the Myth That Cooking For One is Hard

Today 42% of adults in the US live alone, up from 39% in 2007.

Often I hear that cooking for one is harder than cooking for a family.

Given that single households are a growing demographic, it’s my duty to bust this myth.


The Key To Busting the Myth: Your Attitude Towards Cooking

And busting the myth that cooking for one is hard begins with examing your attitude towards cooking. 

If your sentiment is that cooking is a chore, in the kitchen you will feel the shackles of obligation like a prisoner serving a long sentence.

It won’t matter whether your goal is a meal for 1 or 4 or 14.

So how do you throw off the chains of burden in the kitchen?

Begin by seeing cooking for what it truly is.


Step Out of the Whirlwind of Life

First, it’s an opportunity to step out of the whirlwind of life.

The daily grind of overscheduling and overstimulation leaves no time for the deeper work of reflection, introspection, and connection with others.

Cook. Engage your senses. Step away from the rush.


Cooking = The Most Delicious and Nutritious Way of Feeding Yourself

Second, cooking is the most delicious and nutritious way of feeding yourself and busting the myth that cooking for one is hard.

Once your tastebuds experience a good dose of delicious home cooking, eating out becomes more difficult. Mass produced food pales in taste comparison to a simple home-cooked meal.

Third, cooking isn’t just about feeding yourself because food isn’t just “fuel” for the journey. 


Embrace the Moment and Give Thanks

It’s about connection and community, whether you’re a community of one on a weeknight, or 4 or 14.

Take a moment to cook and enjoy a meal. 

Light a candle, use a placemat and a fabric napkin, and real silverware.

This moment is a ray of sunshine amidst the hurricane of life. And it allows you to connect body, soul, and spirit.

Embrace it. 

Give thanks for it. 

Busting the myth that cooking for one is hard. Congratulations, you’ve done it!

Food for thought: Here are some simple recipes to consider:

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