Anyone Can Cook, Even a Rat!

Before I went to culinary school, I worked in corporate America 20+ years as a single mom raising two daughters and I cooked most of our dinners during the week.  

Gathering at the home table every evening was the only way I could make sense of my life as a single parent. It was how we did life together.

Except Thursdays.  

That was our one night out and it was always pizza.

I was a busy, single mom with children who were passionate about their individual extracurricular pursuits. 

The violin enchanted the heart of my oldest daughter (and still does!), and the world of club soccer captivated my youngest daughter.


It Only Takes A Modest Amount of Skill and Knowledge

I learned a lot in culinary school, but the most important insight I had was that with just a modest amount of knowledge and skill anyone can produce delicious satisfying meals that will have your family and friends begging for a second helping. 

This is not about learning to cook duck l’orange on a weeknight. Nor is it intended to create a foodie culture of one-upmanship.



Cooking Fresh Food Is Easy on the Pocketbook and Time Bank

It’s about simple food made from fresh ingredients. 

It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated to be delicious. 

With fresh food on hand you can craft a satisfying meal that is easy on the pocketbook and time bank while making major deposits in the health bank. 


Build A Tribe at the Table

And most importantly sharing a homemade meal means building community at the table.

Without ingredients on hand, cooking is impossible. 

So, pay as much attention to keeping a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry of essential items as you do on the date and time of the next episode of your favorite television show. Need some tips for grocery shopping? Find them here.

Remember the movie Ratatouille?  

It’s a must see.  

In that delightful, animated movie the character, Chef Gusteau gave some advice to Remy, a rat who dreamed of cooking.


Anyone Can Cook, Even a Rat!

That advice was this, anyone can cook! 

Even a rat! 

And it’s true.

Make a commitment to cooking today and change your life. 

And remember this quote on your journey from another well-known cook, Julia Child, “Cooking well doesn’t mean cooking fancy.”

A simple, tasty meal is all you need on a weeknight for health, happiness, and the long-term life satisfaction that comes from building a tribe around the dining room table.

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