The Most Important Question You Ask Every Day


What’s the most important question you ask every day?

Is it deciding your life’s purpose?

Is it checking off your to-do list?

The answer is more simple than either of these.

The most important question you ask and answer every day is simply this: What’s for dinner?

And the best way you can answer it is by cooking and sharing a meal at the table with family and friends.


What’s for dinner? Transformation at the Table


As a single working mom in corporate America before I went to culinary school, I cooked most of our evening meals which we shared at the table along with conversation.

And It was here, at the table, every day that I watched the metamorphose of my two daughters.

My oldest as a toddler desired to be a trash collector. Today she makes her living as a violinist.

The youngest dreamed of being a lamb, perhaps because that’s how her room was decorated. Today, she has a career in the advertising world.

The act of gathering at the table and sharing food is the most powerful medium through which we experience life; it’s where we connect, share in our humanity, and ultimately create community.

If I hadn’t shared simple moments at the table everyday with my daughters all those years ago, I wouldn’t hold the sweet and satisfying memories of their transformation today.

Believe me it wasn’t easy. They were both very active children with lessons of all sorts, drama, dance, and violin, with competitive soccer thrown in there too.

But life really isn’t about convenience.

It’s about investment of time: where and how to spend our minutes each day.


Sharing the Table is a Soul-Satisfying Experience


To share a good meal with those that we know and love, and with those that we hope to know more deeply, to laugh, and to commune at the table is a soul-satisfying experience.

For this experience   there’s no other place like the home table.

My hope for you and for all of us as a culture is that we elevate the power and pleasure of cooking, conversing, and communing at the table with family and friends.

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