Dinner Time: More Than Just a Meal


Dinner time: More than just a meal.

It’s the best part of the day.

While many of us lose ourselves in the yummy dishes and silly squabbles over whose turn it is to wash the dishes, Chuck Herrick likes to focus on the bigger picture of enjoying a nice meal at the table.

“Dinner time, to me,” he said, “is about relaxing, getting together with my family and just enjoying each other.”


It’s a Group Effort

Being a tax attorney, Chuck’s no stranger to stress, noting that the hardest part is “keeping up with constant demands”.

 That’s why winding down at the end of the day with his loved ones and a plate of good food is something he looks forward to.

 He credits Chef Sandra Lewis with showing him the importance of togetherness come supper time. The two met a decade ago in a group she organized.

 “It’s the same message we had all those years ago,” he explained, “you bring people together and learn, interact, break down barriers, eat and talk. It’s amazing how much that can bring people together.”


Everyday is Thanksgiving Without the Stress

Chuck added that the lesson that resonated the most with him from Chef Sandra’s group was “the strength of sitting around a table, sharing a meal”.

 “What I mean by that,” he continued, “is that you take the time out to sit and share with somebody. Not at a restaurant, but you prepare the food, and you sit and talk with people. Every day can be Thanksgiving without the stress.”


Cooking Can be Easy and Fun!

Even though Chuck experienced an abstract enlightenment with Chef Sandra’s philosophy, he also gained some in-the-kitchen skills, as well.

 “There was one meeting where we made homemade cheese,” he recollected, “and it was really interesting to see how easy that is! That’s one thing she really taught me – how simple cooking can be.”

 He also noted that “she taught me the importance of buying the freshest ingredients possible” to receive the best final product.


The Reason Why it Works

Chuck went on to say “Chef Sandra teaches you really simple, easy ways to create delicious food, and then the importance of getting around the table and sharing that brings everyone together.”

 “It also brings out self-confidence, as a lot of people think they can’t do it, and they get to be proud of themselves. It gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.”

 He believes that the reason that what Chef Sandra does is so remarkable is because “she’s really engaging and funny. She’s really a pleasure to be around, and she makes everyone happy to be there. That’s why it’s effective, and that’s why life at the table works.”

Who is Life At The Table?

Life At The Table, Inc., inspires people to live healthy, happy, and productive lives by answering the most important question they ask everyday, “What’s for dinner?”.  Led by Chef Sandra Lewis, who is a keynote speaker and podcast host, Life At The Table workplace health and well-being solutions, hands-on cooking classes, and leads culinary team building experiences.

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