Sage Advice: Try This Trusty And Flavorful Herb

A sage can be defined as a person of profound wisdom. 

And who knows? You may be considered one if you decide to serve a meal with this aromatic and flavorful herb.



Wisdom of the Ages

The word sage is derived from the Latin word salvia which means “to heal.” 

The Romans recognized sage as a “holy herb” in religious rituals and they considered it useful for treating several ailments.

Ancient healers trusted it as a local anesthetic and believed it could cure snakebites.

In 812 A.D., Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne decreed that sage be planted throughout the kingdom due to its value as a trading commodity.

And, at one time in history the Chinese were willing to trade four pounds of their Chinese tea for every one pound of sage tea.

So, something was indeed “brewing” in antiquity that demonstrated the value of this aromatic herb.


The Ancients Were On to Something

Even today, this delightful herb is known for healing properties.

The benefits ascribed to sage include reducing dental plaque, increasing the bodys antioxidant levels, and supporting memory and brain health.

In addition to lowering “bad” LDL cholesterol, sage offers abundant Vitamin K, which strengthens bone density and normalizes blood clotting.


Sage Growing Wisdom

Sage is part of the mint family, and like basil and oregano, it is also related to rosemary and thyme.

It’s an evergreen shrub with grey-green leaves and woody stems that flower with purple-blue blooms.

This beautiful herb likes sunny, warm days, like its original home in the Mediterranean, but does not enjoy wet feet, so water only as needed.

It grows in my herb garden and it’s hardy. 

And while it suffers a bit in the extreme heat and cold, it remains.

You can grow it in pots alongside your other culinary herbs.


Sage Compliments Many a Creation

Sage is often used in sausage and it’s generally featured in dressings at the holidays.

But it’s capable of a so much more.

Give it a try in your own kitchen.

It’s highly aromatic so remember a little goes a very long way.

Sage is asking the wise chefs among us to use it in even more creative ways.


Tips on Storing Fresh Herbs

Need some tips on storing fresh herbs? Find it here.

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