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The sun’s up! Let the day begin! What foods do you start your day with? A pastry? Bowl of cereal? Coffee?  Energy drink? That old saying that breakfast is “the most important meal of the day” is more than a marketing slogan. During your sleeping hours, your body has been busy at the work of restoration and healing. The first meal of the day is just as the name implies: Breakfast meaning “break the fast.” And now it’s time to eat. It’s time to rethink your strategy for breakfast.

Menus Vary Around The World

Africans eat grains and meats.

The Japanese consume soup.

We can thank the Austrians for the croissant.

And the French enjoy what we in the U.S. call the continental breakfast of pastries including croissants.

The breakfast of eggs, bacon, and flapjacks (or pancakes) probably originated in Canada as the lumberjack breakfast so called because it had to be hearty to give the working lumberman energy.

Here in the U.S. many traditions have coalesced into what we call breakfast today: the pilgrims introduced the waffle, Native Americans added maple tree sap as syrup.

Dr. John Harvey Kellog came up with cold cereals made from corn, wheat and rice.


Are You Ready? Rethink Your Strategy For Breakfast

If you really want to change your life and your health, begin with the first meal of the day.

And rethink your strategy for breakfast.


Fuel Your Breakfast With Whole Foods

While our culture has embraced sugary foods like cereal and sweet pastries, think protein and vegetables.

It’s never too early in the day to incorporate whole, fresh foods into your meals.

Back in the day before refrigeration, breakfast included what was leftover from the evening meal before.

Don’t buy into the myth that breakfast has to be comprised of the foods you see advertised on TV.


Fuel Your Breakfast With Family

The first meal of the day is also a great way to start the day with those around you.

So, before you run out the door pause for a moment to discuss the day before you have to all leave home.

There is more than one fast being broken, so enjoy the moment at the table.

Need some breakfast inspiration?

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