For busy moms putting a fresh, healthy meal on the table most evenings can be a daunting task. Chef Sandra takes great joy at equipping young moms with cooking skills!

Shauna Barnes, a mom of three children two of whom are pre-schoolers, meal time is hectic and she is always on the hunt for ideas to help her be more effective in the kitchen.

“I love cooking, and with my busy schedule,” Shauna says, ”I’m always looking for simple tips and techniques. I want to save time yet provide healthy meals for my young children.”

Raising Children at the Table: Young Moms and Cooking Skills

Mothers of Pre-School Children, or simply MOPS, is a group that meets twice a month to navigate the challenges of raising children in a loving and nurturing community.

And it was in this group setting that Chef Sandra shared her kitchen tips and tricks to make short order of meal-time even with small children.

These collaborating moms were looking for tips and tricks to make meal-time around the home table easier.

“Chef Sandra’s talk was both informative and motivational,” Shauna said.

Been There, Done That

“Chef Sandra’s own story of cooking dinner each night for her girls as they were growing up and she worked full-time is quite inspiring,” Shauna continued.

“It just shows that even the most harried of us can prepare and serve nutritious meals at a shared table,” she said.

Simple Skills Beget Great Meals

“I came away with several useful techniques and stress-relieving ideas,” Shauna added. “I now know how to properly cut an onion. As easy as that sounds, it’s not unless you know the trick to make easy work out of it!”

“Healthy meals around a common table are a very real possibility for anyone – with a little bit of skill and knowledge,” Chef Sandra says.

“The food feeds the body. Your time together feeds the soul and spirit.  And this is where the memories that last a lifetime are made.”

Who is Life At The Table?

Life At The Table, Inc., inspires people to live healthy, happy, and productive lives by answering the most important question they ask everyday, “What’s for dinner?”.  Led by Chef Sandra Lewis, who is a keynote speaker and podcast host, Life At The Table workplace health and well-being solutions, hands-on cooking classes, and leads culinary team building experiences.

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