Meals Are Better When Shared

You’ve made a beautiful meal. Even if it’s just rice and beans, it’s to your liking and makes your tastebuds dance.

Now what?

Meals don’t have to be complicated or fancy. Plain and simple, but bursting with lots of flavor works just as well.

But the the bigger question at hand is how do you squeeze every bit of pleasure out of the experience of eating?


Feeding Yourself Well IS the Foundation for Health

Gathered in front of the television? Or is it a buffet line in the kitchen where everyone grabs a plate and retreats to their special cubby hole in your home?

There’s no doubt that cooking is the first step to feeding yourself well and building a foundation for health.

According to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health people who frequently cook meals at home are healthier and consume fewer calories.

Additionally, people who eat home lunches and dinners most of the week are 13% less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes.

While your health does begin with what you eat, physical and emotional health is a two-part equation.


Health is a Two-Part Equation

Sharing that meal at the table with family and friends is just as important to creating physical and emotional health. 

Another Harvard study that began in, believe or not, 1938, identified the number one predictor of who in their 50s would make a happy and healthy octogenarian.

Do you think it was acquisition? Achievement? Activity? Or comparison – simply thinking that compared to others you have it pretty good?


The number one predictor of who in their 50s would be a happy, healthy octogenerian is simply this: The quality of their relationships. Not quantity. 

Simply quality.


Spend Time At The Table to Build Quality Relationships

The most effective way to develop quality relationships is by spending time at the home dining table with family and friends.

So after you’ve finished cooking that simple meal. Don’t miss out on the best part – sharing it.

Clear your dining table of its accumulated clutter.

Set the table.

Light a candle.

Say a prayer of thanks.


Meals Are Better When Shared

And enjoy feeding body, soul, and spirit with those you cherish.

You may or may not live till your 80, but the journey in the meantime will be as sweet as it can be.