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Cooking at work and at home means connecting with people.

Chef Sandra:  I’m Chef Sandra with “A Savory Moment”.  Returning today is Chef Richard Chamberlain of Chamberlain’s Steak and Chop House and Chamberlain’s Fish Market Grill.  Chef Chamberlain, tell me what do you enjoy about cooking?

Cooking at Work and at Home Means Connecting With People for Chef Richard Chamberlain


Chef Chamberlain:  Well, there are so many things to enjoy!  Really, I have to separate it into two parts.  There’s the cooking that I do at the restaurants I so love.  And that’s all about people coming into the restaurant expecting beautiful food and I get really excited about the product.  So, if we get a shipment of A Bar N Ranch Kobe  beef which is raised an hour north of here, and somebody walks in and says, “Ok, what makes your beef special?”.  I run back to the kitchen, I get a platter and put some steaks on it and I take it out to them.  And I show them the beautiful marbling.  And I say, “This is going to change your life!”  At the seafood restaurant last week we got in the first halibut of the season from Alaska.  And when it came in, it was such a beautiful piece of Halibut.  So that’s what I really live is products that we get in and just making people happy every night.

And then the other part of cooking is at home.  And I love cooking at home because that’s always with friends, family, and our children.  It’s about fun and about making memories.  And there’s nothing stressful about it.  We just pull products out of the refrigerator, and we just really throw things together.  And it turns out wonderful.  We have a nice bottle of wine together and maybe play some games.  That’s what life is all about.  I think its quality of time and not the quantity of time.  And that’s what we always did – we made sure that our time together was quality.  And it always involved cooking!  I can promise you that!

Chef Sandra:  I’m Chef Sandra Lewis and this has been “A Savory Moment”.  Thank you for joining me today Chef Chamberlain.  Be sure to catch my next segment where Chef Chamberlain will share a fantastic recipe that will delight your taste buds!