Top 10 Kitchen Tools – Part 1


Refresh Your Tools To Put Dinner On The Table In A Flash

Top 10 Kitchen Tools for Weeknight Cooking | Part 1

Several years ago, my upstairs washing machine leaked through the ceiling to the first floor.  In what now seems like a stone age experience, I used the yellow pages and my landline to locate a plumber in the middle of the night.

He surveyed the rogue washer, pulled out a wrench, and tightened a loose fitting.  If only I’d had the right tool, I’d be $120 richer today.


Proper Kitchen Tools Make a Big Difference

Does it take you longer to prepare dinner than it should?  Or do you struggle to carry out a recipe instruction because you don’t have the proper kitchen tool?

Then it’s time for a refresh.

Top 10 Kitchen Tools for Weeknight Cooking

Number 10.  Fish spatula.  This spatula is thin with a slightly curled end, and a bit of a give to its structure.  It’s perfect for lifting a potato latke, turning a pancake, breaking up hamburger meat, and for gliding under a delicate piece of fish.

fish spatula

Number 9.  Box grater.  With a large, sturdy box grater there’s no need to haul out the food processor for small jobs.

Kitchen Aid Box Grater

Number 8.  Silicon spatula.  When the heat is on, you need something that won’t melt.  Silicon is heat-resistant and flexible.  It’s definitely a work-horse tool from scraping roasted veggies off a sheet pan to scraping the batter from a mixing bowl. (I don’t have a brand to recommend here.)

Number 7.  Tongs.  The end used to grip the food should be solid, not a triangle with open air in between.  And the gripping end should be metal, not rubber.

Metal tongs

Number 6.  Microplane zester.  A mircograter that is truly indispensable for zesting lemons, limes, and oranges.  And for finely grating ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, garlic, and hard cheeses.

Ready for the rest of the list to find out the number one tool you need in the kitchen?! Find it here.

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