So, you want to have some friends over and do something a little different and a lot of fun.

Put on the song, “Mashed Potato Time” by DeeDee Sharp or “(Do The) Mashed Potato by James Brown and dance your way to a potato party.


What’s a potato party?

It’s one of two things.

It’s an easy customizable weeknight meal where everyone gets their potato exactly the way they want it, or it’s an easy way to entertain guests on the weekend.

Either way, potates are the main attraction.


Potato Party Buffet

So here’s how the potato party rolls.

It begins with a choice of potato.

Even though there are hundreds of varities of potatoes in the world, more than likely you’re only going to have a handful of choices at the grocery store, russet, Yukon Gold, fingerlings, red potatoes, white, sweet potatoes, etc.

Mix it up and get a sampling of each of these marvelous tubers.

Bake or boil them. I’ve shared previously how to bake a potato like a pro and a tasty recipe for mashed potatoes if you need some instruction.

Set up your kitchen counter like a buffet line.

Begin with your baked and mashed potatoes followed by toppings.


Get creative!

This can include shredded cheese, bacon bits, chives and scallion, olives, and any other tasty toppings that suits your fancy.

Just about anything tastes good on top of a potato, from broccoli and brisket to salsa and spiced chick peas.

Can you think of any other vegetable that you can do so much with?

Dust off the martini glasses hiding in the back of your pantry.

You’re not expecting James Bond to show up.


Fun Presentation

Instead it’s a fun presentation for mashed potatoes.

Or, how about reaching for those good dishes your grandma gave you’ve that you’ve been saving for a special occasion?

Or just an ordinary dinner plate will do.

It’s different and it’s a fun way to wind down and enjoy some conversation around the table after a hectic week.

With mashed or baked potatoes truly any way your heart desires, you and your dinner guests will be singing and dancing in no time!