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Live With VISION, Not Resolutions

It’s time to scrap your New Year’s resolutions.

What? Does this sound a bit harsh?

Consider this.


We Aren’t Really Successful With Resolutions

Only 8% of us are ever successful at achieving our resolutions.


Resolutions are typically focused on something we think we should be doing, but aren’t.

Like eating healthy, losing weight, or getting organized, etc.

If these things were something we could be doing already why does it take a New Year’s resolution to cajole us to do them?


The New Approach: Live With VISION

So here’s a new approach to making life changes that will stick: Live With VISION.

Not the kind peeping out from underneath your eyebrows.

The kind that has a window into your soul.

When you turn around at the proverbial-end-of-the-road and view your life’s journey, what will you want to see?

True vision is seeing with your heart thereby giving guidance to your soul and your daily actions.


Here’s How to Live With VISION, Not Resolutions

  1. Reimagine. What do you desire your life to be? Some people imagine what their obituary will say about their life as a way to capture these ideas.
  2. Realign or Reinvent. If you’re already doing what you love perhaps you just need to tweak it. Or, your ultimate vision may require a radical reinvention. Give yourself permission to accept this new reality. I was 49 when I sold my house, tucked all my belongings in storage, and attended culinary school.  While my peer group was counting down the years till retirement, I was reinventing myself. It’s never too late.
  3. Move Forward. Ask yourself every day:  What’s the one thing can I do today that will move my vision forward?  Marrying my love for cooking and spending time at the table with my desire to speak, teach, and write would not be the rich experience it is today had I not made the sacrifice to attend culinary school.  

It’s really as simple as that.  

Helen Keller said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.”

Ditch the mill-stone resolutions.

Live with VISION instead.

And develop your vision with the help of your family and friends. Make a commitment to sharing regular time at the table each week.