Dallas, TX, March 23, 2020 —

Life At The Table, Inc., announced today a series of live, virtual cooking classes designed to address the needs of those who are now cooking more homemade meals as a result of COVID-19 prevention measures.

This unique set of virtual classes will provide participants the foundational skills needed for making taste bud tingling, no-stress meals especially during these difficult times.

The first class is free, “Elevate Your Cooking Game,” which provides quarantine cooking tips including how to keep produce fresh, Chef Sandra’s list of Top 10 Pantry Essentials, how to properly season your food like a pro, and more. The remaining classes, which normally retail for $75 per person, are priced at a steep discount of $20 each. This pricing will be available through April 30.

Participants will learn essential cooking skills from the safety and comfort of their own kitchen with the added benefit of live instruction and interaction with Life At The Table’s founder, Chef Sandra Lewis.

“My goal is to lighten the burden for those who need to feed themselves and their families healthy and delicious food by removing the mystery and misery often associated with the activity of cooking so that people can really get down to what’s important in life which is creating community around the home dining table,” said Chef Sandra.

The virtual classroom experience, powered by ZOOM, will be highly interactive.

Chef Sandra will explain the skill and live demo the skill for participants on her own cooktop. Prepped beforehand on what’s needed for the class, participants will then practice the skill in their own kitchens and receive feedback from the Chef. There will also be plenty of time for Q&A.

The series of six classes feature the FABULOUS 5 Cooking Skills that provide home cooks with the know-how to plan and prepare delicious daily meals using ingredients they have on hand, and free them from dependence on using recipes.

“Using what you have on hand to create yummy meals is an especially helpful skill right now when people want to minimize trips to the grocery store or when the store may not have every ingredient they need,” Chef Sandra shared.

Organizations looking for unique ways to engage workers can schedule private classes. An additional option is to combine this experience with a virtual team building activity using DiSC profiles.

“Now, more than ever, is the time to embrace that gathering at the family dining table provides a sense of stability and community, and that the kitchen is the gateway to this important life activity. These live, virtual classes will provide participants the confidence to be fearless and bold in the kitchen,” said Chef Sandra Lewis, Founder, Life At The Table.


About Life At The Table, Inc.

Life At The Table Inc., inspires people to live healthy, happy, productive lives by answering the most important question they ask every day, “What’s for dinner?”. Led by Chef Sandra Lewis, who is a keynote speaker and podcasthost, Life At The Table offers workplace health and well-being solutions, virtual cooking classes, and culinary team building experiences.

About Chef Sandra Lewis

Before she went to culinary school, Chef Sandra Lewis raised two daughters as a single working mom. Today she combines her work experience with her culinary training to share the tips, tricks, and strategies for feeding body, soul, and spirit at the table which begins with making short work of preparing taste bud tingling meals in the kitchen.

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