How To Flavor Food

Flavor Is King


How to flavor food.

There is a small counter space in my kitchen reserved for books that I like to have within spatula’s reach.  Several books rotate in and out depending on my focus, but one always stays.

The Flavor Bible

First published in 2008, The Flavor Bible is an alphabetical listing of modern-day compatible flavors.

Got a carrot soup in the works?  Want to know which ingredient will add a pop of flavor?  With a quick flip of a few pages, you’ll see that cumin and orange are flavor affiliates, as are pistachios and tarragon.

Now I’m inspired!

When I speak about how cooking can change your life, or when I teach a cooking class, a common question I hear is, “How do I know which flavors go well together?”

The Flavor Bible is a great place to start.

Your Own Palate

The other place to start is your own palate.

According to the US National Library of Medicine, you have between 2,000 and 4,000 tastebuds on your tongue.  These are the receptors for sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and savory.

If you eat a lot of fast or processed food, you’ve trained your palate to accept a very narrow and bland range of tastes, primarily a mix of sugar and salt.

When you begin to eat more fresh, unprocessed food, your palate awakens to the variety of flavors that actually exist in the world.  Be courageous in trying new flavors and foods.  It may take a time or two to orient your palate to a very natural, delightful, and delicious range of tastes.

Allow Real Flavors To Guide Your Tastes

The more you exercise this natural sense, the more your senses will guide you into what flavors pair well.

Today, make a commitment to cook and savor fresh food and allow real flavors to guide your tastes.

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