Four Tips To Pick a Watermelon

Hey y’all! It’s summer and I’m craving a watermelon.

I’m off to the grocery store to pick the juiciest, best-tasting watermelon there is. Come with me and learn how to pick your own.

Here are my four tips for picking the sweetest, juiciest watermelon you can. 


Tip #1 Look For a Large Field Spot

Number one, look for a large field spot. That’s the underbelly of the watermelon where it’s laying in the field. The larger the spot, the longer that watermelon lay there. 


Tip #2 Listen for a Deep Hollow Sound

Number two, listen for a deep hollow sound when you tap on the watermelon. This generally means there’s more water content which means lots of juice!


Tip #3 Pick a Dull Watermelon, Not a Shiny One

Number three, you want it to be dull, not overly shiny. If it’s dull, it means it’s been picked for a while, and it’s a little bit riper. A shiny watermelon is an indication of being under ripe.


Tip #4 Pick a Heavy Watermelon

You want it to be really nice and heavy. If it’s heavy, that means there’s more juice, more water, more than likely more sweet.

Hey, just got back from the grocery store. I am going to weigh this honking watermelon.

Oh, my, that is a huge watermelon. I just weighed this baby, 31 pounds.

Let’s cut into it. You do have a couple of choices when you cut a watermelon. You can go around the circumference. You can go through it longways.

Today, because this watermelon is so large, I think it will be easiest for me just to cut it around the circumference. 

So, here we go. I’m liking the sound of that. Ah, yeah. Look at that. It is beautiful inside. That is an amazing red, ripe, juicy watermelon. Look at that, incredible. 

All right, let me put one of these halves aside. I’m going to turn this over, so I have a flat, stable piece of watermelon here to slice. And I’m just going to go right through the middle of it again. Open that up just a little bit to get my knife down the other side. Perfect. Gorgeous.

Can you see the juice all over my cutting board? That is amazing.

Now I’m going to put this side over here to give me a little bit more room to work with. All right, now we’re going to take this, turn it flat, once more lengthwise. Voila. 

And now, turn it over. Oh, I’m loving it. Look at this beautiful flesh on this watermelon. Then if you want to slice individual slices for your friends or family, put them on a platter. All you got to do, take your knife now, and there you have it, gorgeous slices of watermelon. 

That is amazing. I am loving it. Okay, now the proof is in the pudding. Right? The proof is in the taste of the watermelon.

Here we go. So good, so juicy and delicious.

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