What is a Fritter?


What is a fritter?

Are you tired of cooking the same old side dishes for dinner?

What can you do?

When it comes to having some vegetables or fruit on hand, you can do a lot!

Just about anything can be turned into a marvelous side dish when you create a batter and fry away.

It’s called a fritter.


Where The Fritter Began

Part of making life at the table possible is knowing ways to use ingredients that you have on hand in a multitude of ways.

The beauty of the fritter is just that.

History tells us that our English word is borrowed from Old French, “friture” which has its roots in the Latin word for “fry”.

Typically made with made with a vegetable, like a corn fritter, fruit, like an apple fritter, and even meat, fritter batter can be sweet or spicy, as well as deep-fried, or pan-fried.

Fritters can be covered in sugar, molasses, or syryp, or dipped into melted butter or honey.  A savory fritter might be dipped into a gravy or other sauce that compliments the flavor.


Local and Global Fritter Fare

Some form of fritter is included in just about every culture and cuisine around the planet.  In Japan they’re known as tempura; in China they’re sold on roadsides containing mostly vegetables with occasional pork; in Iran it’s called kuku and resembles a crustless quiche.

Closer to home, we call them fritters in the South, the Midwest has their dodgers, and Louisiana has their beignets.

Yum! My stomach is growling!

So, the next time dinner rolls around, don’t fret!  Just fritter!

Make it a tasty experience and involve everyone in the fun from creating the batter to fying them up!

Don’t miss my next segment for a fritter recipe perfect for summer!

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