Top 3 Ways A Virtual Cooking Class Will Supercharge Your Team


Think of your company like a pizza.

Every individual ingredient, or an individual person in your organization, provides a necessary ingredient to all the components that comprise your service, your product, and ultimately your customers’ experience with your company.

To transform these raw ingredients into a delicious experience you need to bring them together.

Read on below for the Top 3 Ways a virtual cooking class will supercharges your team.


1. Laughter Unites

There is an old proverb that says, “He who laughs, lasts!”.

This is especially true at work.

Shared laughter in a group of creates positive emotions with the release of endorphins and strengthens relationships.

Laughter is a social glue that binds coworkers together in a “we’re all in this together” kind of way.

This small but essential ingredient to social bonding often gets overlooked in the workplace.


Take a Peek Inside Our Kitchen


2. Shared Experiences Create Connection

Shared experiences outside of the workplace create unique opportunities for conversation and connection that bond people in unique ways.

Cooking together levels the playing field. The traditional ways of getting work done dissolve into the common goal of cooking a tasty meal. Everyone needs to eat, wants to eat, and everyone wants others to be successful.

Being shoulder-to-shoulder in a virtual kitchen and cooking together is a great equalizer that provides an opportunity to connect and learn about each other that may not surface in the course of carrying out day-to-day work.

Co-workers get a peek into the personal side of their colleagues in their own kitchens and often times involves meeting their spouse, significant other, children, and even pets.

Participating in a virtual cooking class is a low-stress and delicious way to connect. It’s like meeting around the water cooler for some laughs and conversation, but better. You end up with something really good to eat.


3. Connected Co-Workers Create Community

Think of the last time you had a satisfying meal with family or friends. You walked away with a bond, a sense of belonging, a connection to the other people at the table: It’s called community.

Motivation, engagement, and job satisfaction are all by-products of a sense of community.

This is proven based on research by Cornell University. They found that platoons of firefighters who ate together most often performed better than platoons who didn’t invest in this daily ritual.

The social glue of conversation and building a sense of community over a shared meal with some laughs binds and transforms teams from co-workers into companions unified around a mission.


Supercharge Teams with a Virtual Cooking Class from Life At The Table

Booking a virtual cooking class with Life at the Table is a win-win for everybody in the work place, whether you be an employer or an employee, there is benefit for everyone to get out of these one of a kind classes.

Have a team building event coming up but don’t know what to do? What are you waiting for?


Book Your Culinary Team Building Event

Check out our menu options for online cooking classes here.

Read about ebay’s and Allata’s fun virtual cooking classes with Life At The Table.

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