Smoked Paprika:  It’s Wispy Smoke and Embers Taking Flight

Paprika:  More Than Just A Pretty Spice


Smoked Paprika:  It’s wispy fire and embers taking flight.

Some like it hot!

But some do not!

It has its own identity, but people confuse it with other reds.

It sounds like the beginnings of a Dr. Seuss story, doesn’t it, but I’m actually talking about a spice – paprika!

For many it’s no more than a garnish that adds color with a hint of flavor.  Americans typically fancy up deviled eggs with a dash of mild paprika and hummus is often finished with a splash of this red beauty as well.

But I’m here to tell you that there’s much more to paprika than meets the eye.


First Discovered In Mexico

It’s a maintstay in Hungarian dishes like goulash and paprikash, and stars in Spanish dishes like paella.

While paprika has been an integral part of these cuisines, this versatile spice was first discovered in Mexico.  From there it crossed the ocean to Spain in the 16th century and then on to Hungary.


Smoked Paprika:  It’s Time To Go Bold

The Spanish have gifted us with the wonderful flavor of smoked paprika.   Take a whiff and you’ll think you’re standing outside with whispy smoke and fire embers taking flight.

Next time you visit the spice aisle, check out the paprika varieties there.  Stock your pantry with a mild version, and possibly a spicy version – cayenne is often added to paprika to kick up the scoville units.

But definitely don’t go home without some smoked paprika.

It’s time to go bold.  Move from the meek sprinkle of parpika to give some color to exploring the depth and taste it gives to a variety of dishes.

Just what can you do with smoked paprika?  Ah, great question.  That’s what I’ll answer in our next segment!

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