Sandra Lewis Speaker

Sandra Lewis


Sandra Lewis had invested 20+ years in a corporate career she experienced what she describes as a “now or never” moment in 2009.  She sold her house, put everything in storage, and enrolled in culinary school.

Today she combines her first-hand knowledge of working in corporate America with her culinary expertise to share the “secret sauce” recipe for living a healthy and satisfied life – spending time at the table.  And, how making time for this simple, ritualistic act at home will transform your life AND work (and your workplace!) in profound ways.

Her experience as a single mom throughout her corporate career taught her the priceless value of gathering nightly at her home table to feed the body, soul, and spirit.  

In addition to her speaking, Sandra delivers an 8-hour culinary skills training program, “Kitchen Academy”, for the home cook. And, she custom-taliors a health and wellness offering for organizations called “Dishing Up Results”.

Sandra shares thought-provoking content with an upbeat vibe.  Audiences love her quick-witted style, and are forever changed by her timely, relevant message.

Sandra earned her BS in Mass Communications, Magna Cum Laude, from the University of Utah, and earned an AAS with Honors from Le Cordon Bleu Dallas.

When Sandra isn’t speaking or teaching, you will find her experimenting in her kitchen, spending time at the table, exploring the flavors and tastes of the local food scene, gardening, and writing on her blog, Living Life At The Table.

She serves on the Board for the Council For Healthy Food Systems, is a member of the PR/Marketing Committe for Nextus Recovery Center, and serves as Food Editor for Suburban Style Magazine.