Moroccan Spices

Moroccan spices.

Let’s travel to Morroco!

Morocco is known for more than the classic movie Casablanca.

How about casa aroma?


Create “Casa Aroma” With Moroccan Spices

Spices are essential to Moroccan cuisine and its culture is rich in texture, color, and fragrance.

Similar to its blend of people and tradition, Morocco’s spices are a blend of a variety of flavors such as cumin, coriander, turmeric, ginger, saffron, and mint.

We thank early explorers, like Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus for growing the global spice trade.  Since Morocco was in a favorable location between Europe, the Middle East, and Asia spices landed in this country’s easily accessible ports that are situated on both the Meditteranean sea and North Atlantic ocean.

Today, mounds of spices can be seen in picturesque souks, which are like markets or bazaars scattered across this North African country.

The role of spices is central to Moroccan cuisine and are liberally added to dishes creating a rich aroma in the home and delighting the palate.


Ras El Hanout is “Top Shelf”!

One of the most common Moroccan spice mixtures is ras el hanout.  Translated it means “head of the shop” which we would recognize in English as meaning “top shelf”.  A mixture of about 30 spices, this blended palate pleaser is used in a variety of ways and dishes.  No two ras el hanout blends are the same as many families have their own unique recipe.

One thing is for sure though.  Moroccan spice always includes a little bit heat, ususally supplied by dried chilis.

This week pick up some of the most basic Moroccan spices coriander, cumin, and dried chilis.

I’ll share a simple barbacue chicken recipe, perfect for summer in my next post.

When it comes to cooking, spices can take you on a trip without ever leaving your home.  Gather at the table this week and invite your family on a journey.

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