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How To Make Sharing The Table A Priority

It’s Never Too Early or Too Late

How to make sharing the table a priority.

It’s never too early or too late to develop good cooking and eating habits in your children.

Teach Your Children The Value of Cooking and Sharing The Table

When we make cooking a priority, we speak volumes to our children about the value of choosing healthy, nutritious food.

When we share that scrumptious food at the table, we proclaim the value of family.

Yet many of us struggle to make this a consistent habit because life is crazy busy.

Yet, the fast, cheap, and convenient option is more expensive in the long run especially when you figure in the “heart cost”.

Children Who Share Meals With Their Parents Excel

Here’s what I mean, research shows that children who share 5-7 meals a week with their families have stronger relationships with their parents, are less likely to engage in risky behaviors, and more likely to do well in school.

There’s no more effective way to pour good things into the life of children (or another adult) than sharing a meal that everyone has a hand in preparing.

How To Make Sharing The Table A Priority

Here’s a few ideas to make cooking and sharing the table a priority:

  • First, ask everyone for their input for the menu. Getting everyone’s buy-in on what’s for supper ahead of time will alleviate any potential happiness at meal time.
  • Second, set aside time food prep. Prep as much as possible AHEAD of time.
  • Third, involve children in food preparation and cleanup by giving them age appropriate tasks. Even as a single parent to a two and three year old, I gave my girls age appropriate tasks to do at meal including clean up.  From the earliest age possible, they became acquainted and accepting of their critical role in getting supper on the table.  Your children will appreciate the skill and discipline of this most important household activity later in life.

Make sharing the table a priority.  Your heart and the hearts of those you love will thank you.

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