Knock Out The Chop Virtual Cooking Class!

This is the #1 skill you need in the kitchen! (1-hour class)
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This is a VIRTUAL cooking class with live instruction. Participate from anywhere. Interact with the chef and ask questions just like you would in a live, classroom setting.

What's the number one skill you need in the kitchen? Knife skills!

For the same reason you can't hit a home run by swinging a golf club or knit a sock with a twig. You have to have the proper tool.

In the kitchen a chef's knife is the cook's single most important tool.

In this hands-on class you'll learn and practice:

  • The top 3 knives you need in the kitchen
  • Proper hold for a chef's knife
  • Proper cutting motion using a chef's knife
  • The #1 way to keep your knife sharp
  • Proper technique for cutting essential kitchen ingredients: onion, carrot, celery, garlic, bell pepper, tomatoes.

This is a highly interactive hands-on class. You'll be able to interact with the Chef just like you would in a live classroom setting. Participate from anywhere!

Length of Class: 1 Hour

Once you register, DOWNLOAD the ingredient and equipment list from the purchase confirmation page.

You'll receive a ZOOM meeting invitation in a separate email.

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