Virtual Webinar! Elevate Your Cooking Game!

Ready to elevate your cooking game? This is a quick, easy, and FREE way to get started!
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This is a FREE webinar! Yes, you read that right - F-R-E-E. We want to be your best friend in the kitchen so join us for this fun, interactive, and completely free webinar.

Learn the inside tips you need to cook with what you have on hand and to make food that will have you dancing a jig. You don't have to be a professional chef to make this a reality in your own kitchen.

Do your health, happiness, and your tastebuds a favor: Elevate Your Cooking Game!

  • Learn what ingredients you need on hand to be prepared to cook at all times
  • Top 3 essential kitchen tools every cook needs
  • Top 10 pantry essentials
  • Learn to season like a boss
  • How to keep all that lovely produce fresh
  • Mise en place like a professional

This is a highly interactive hands-on class. You'll be able to interact with the Chef just like you would in a live classroom setting. Participate from anywhere!

Length of Class: 1 Hour

Once you register, DOWNLOAD the ingredient and equipment list from the purchase confirmation page.

You'll receive a ZOOM meeting invitation in a separate email.

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