In The Workplace

Healthy and happy workers craft cultures of community, produce more, and create satisfied customers.

In The Home

This is where the work of being a stand-out in life and work begins.

Life At The Table

Where life and work meet true satisfaction.

Life At The Table:  Where life and work meet true satisfaction.

Speaker and Chef, Sandra Lewis

Entertaining and Deliciously Inspiring!

Chef Sandra makes the case for connecting health and well-being at home with cultures of community and productivity at work.  And she shares a very practical approach for making health and wellness a reality.

The best investment you can make is in the “whole” health of yourself, your family, and your organization – body, soul, and spirit.  This means living and working by the principles of Life At The Table.

The payoffs are enormous.   Workers who are healthy and happy at home create organic, sustainable cultures at work that yield great products and happy customers. You’ll see workers who “lean into” their work and give it their all, workers who innovate, and workers who collectively generate deeply satisfied customers.

Healthy, happy workers drive productivity faster and farther than a fatter paycheck ever would and they infuse their own lives with real “flavor” and satisfaction.

Living a healthy, satisfied life filled with work that you enjoy can be a reality.  Book Chef Sandra today!

Bringing The Workplace To Life: A Recipe For Crafting Community, Productivity, and Satisfaction At Work

Transform your life, your work, and your organization with Sandra’s 4-ingredient recipe for bringing the workplace to life!

Typically we think of work and life as two different sides of ourselves.  And, like oil and water, they don’t mix.

But what if you learned that the satisfaction you seek in life and work has a single source?

You’d think differently about work, getting work done, and the satisfaction you feel in life with your work!

Sandra’s 4-part recipe is transformational for both work and home life.

Say "Cheese!" To Unlock the Secret of Crafting Community In The Workplace

Create a healthy, and satisfying culture of living and working with 4 essential ingredients, i.e., behaviors and mindsets, that will make a profound impact on how people communicate, collaborate, and value relationships.

Talented leaders are like artisan cheesemakers, they infuse their workplace cultures with the proper mix of ingredients that bubble and percolate to transform work and workers into a winning combination.

For thousands of years cheesemakers have been making cheese from the same four ingredients, milk, salt, rennet, and culture.  Ultimately it is the work of the culture that give each cheese its unique aroma, flavor, and look

Add a cheese tasting to this event for a very delectable experience!

For Those Who Are Hungry For More Out of Life And Work: The Flavor of Living

Learn how to create genuine satisfaction by infusing your life and work with true flavor.

If you’ve ever asked yourself the question, “Is this all there is to life?”, or “How will I ever get it all done?”, you need to hear this talk!

How Best To Use Sandra's Skills
  • Keynote Speaking
  • Culinary Team Building
  • Employee Wellness Programs
  • Retreats
  • Workshops
Your organization benefits in multiple ways when Sandra speaks.  The practical skills she shares for creating nourishing cultures at work are just as relevant at home.  People who have rich lives outside of the workplace are happier at work.
Engage All The Senses
The answer is Yes!  Sandra can incorporate a cooking demo in any of her talks that is engaging and entertaining.
Culinary Team Building
Ready for a more hands-on experience?   Life At The Table will cook up an imaginative culinary team building event complete with menu and venue!
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