All About Soup Virtual Cooking Class

Learn the soup-making method so you can create a pot of deliciousness in under an hour any night of the week! (1-hour class)
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Man has been making soup since discovering how to contain and boil water.

And nothing is more satisfying than a handful of ingredients that coalesce into a beautiful, tasteful liquid form.

Sweep away the mystery and mystique of soup-making so that you can assemble a variety of soups in a flash on a weeknight.

In this class you’ll learn and practice:

  • The proper soup-making technique to make a variety of beautiful, tasty soups
  • Mise En Place - the professional skill every home cook needs before you begin cooking
  • The art of the garnish and why you should give thought to it with every dish

This is a highly interactive hands-on class. You'll be able to interact with the Chef just like you would in an in-person classroom setting. Be sure to bring your questions!

Length of Class: 1 Hour

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You’ll receive an email from Life At The Table with the Zoom link and all the details you’ll need to join the class.

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