Interested in cooking up a sustainable culture of health and productivity in the workplace?

Dish Up Results and Bring Your Workplace to LIFE!

This beautiful dish represents the new frontier in Health and Wellness – simple cooking skills.

Cooking skill is THE critical link between creating long-term, sustainable, personal lifestyle change and a healthy, happy, productive workforce.

Yet, cooking isn’t the end game, it’s only the gateway.

The table is the end game.

Because the real satisfaction in life comes from not only sharing the table where the body is fed well, but of developing deep social connections that feed soul and spirit as well.

Workers who are “filled” nightly at their home tables come to work the next day energetic and empowered to do their best work, collaborate, and create work cultures of community and creativity.

Bringing the workplace to life begins at the home table.

Dish Up Results In Your Organization

Skill your workers in the beauty and art of cooking and

sharing the table that will change their life and your organization.

What Is "Dishing Up Results"?

“Dishing Up Results” is a modular health and wellness offering that is an answer to the problem of rising insurance costs, poor health, and work cultures in need of a boost in productivity and satisfaction.

The program’s modules include two tracks:

  • Boosts confidence and skill in the kitchen by teaching cooking TECHNIQUE coupled with strategies and tips for success. Knowing technique – actionable, repeatable cooking skill – means having the ability to cook quickly and efficiently to put a healthy, delicious meal on the table with ingredients on hand.  No recipe and no extra trips to the store needed for missing ingredients.
  • Shares the recipe for LIFE – the four essential ingredients to creating cultures of community, collaboration and creativity at home and at work. The words companion and company spring from the same two root words – “com” which means together, and “panis” which means “bread”.   Simply those who break bread.  LIFE is a four-part recipe for creating the sense of breaking break at work, whether you share a lunch every day or never.  
How Is "Dishing Up Results" Delivered?

The format is modular so it’s completely tailored to your organization’s needs.

There are seven cooking modules.  Each module is complete with a recipe, and cooking strategies and tips:

  • Knocking Out The Chop With Knife Skills.
  • All About Soup.
  • Integral Sauces:  Your New Best Friend
  • Finally, Interesting Salads
  • In The Beginning There Was Roasting
  • Saute With The Best of ‘Em
  • Sear It Here, Finish It There

There are four LIFE modules:

  • Lead
  • Inspire
  • Feed
  • Encourage

Mix and match these modules and delivery methods to meet your organization’s specific needs.

Some of the common formats include:

  • Cooking Demo.  1 – 1 1/2 Hours per Module.  Presented in a series over several days or weeks.
  • Hands-On Cooking Class.  1 – 2 1/2 Hours per Module.  Presented in a series over several days or weeks.  Or presented in a 1-day class.
  • Recipe for LIFE.  A 4-part “recipe” for creating culture at home and at work.  2 Hours each module.  Or presented in an overview fashion in conjunction with a cooking demo or hands-on cooking class.